Pressure Washing Jacksonville, Florida video

Check out our cool new promo video for our pressure washing and roof cleaning services. We’re hoping our little “Inkman” will help us spread the word about our company to the people of Jacksonville, Florida and surrounding areas.

Watch as our Inkman shows off some of what Ultrasoft Pressure Washing is capable of. Everything from house washing to driveways, sidewalks, rust stains, roof cleaning and more. If you need services like these in Jacksonville, Florida you know who to call.

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HOA’s Require Roof Cleaning

Why do home owner associations often require residents to clean their roofs? The answer is quite simple. Over time roofs age and discolor. Many turn black or build up a lot of unsightly black streaks. These streaks make the roofs look old, and make the neighborhood look less appealing.

The discoloration and black streaks on roofs are caused by the cyanobacteria called gleocapsa magma. It’s a form of algae that builds colonies of roof destroying organisms. They not only make your roof look bad, but they can also damage roofs by feasting on the limestone content in the shingles, loosening granules, and shortening the life of your roof.

HOA’s don’t really care how often you have to replace your roof, but you sure should. Roof replacement is guaranteed to cost in the thousands, and sometimes tens of thousands. Roof cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida on the other hand may cost only .20-.50 cents per square foot. Roof replacement may run as high as $3-10 per sq. ft.

The real reason HOA’s require roof cleaning is appearance. They want the neighborhood to look nice. The algae that causes roof discoloration has spores which are airborne. They are released into the atmosphere and travel from roof to roof. Just like taking care of landscaping can help ensure less weeds in the lawns for everyone, the same is true with roof cleaning. This is why it’s a good idea to keep all of the roofs in a neighborhood clean.

Of course the algae is destructive, so keeping the roof clean also means expanding the life of the roofing material. Whether it’s a metal roof, asphalt shingle, barrel tile, or any other type of roofing. All roofing material benefits from roof cleaning and removing destructive algae and other organic matter that breeds mold, mildew, and with them rot!

Here is an example of a roof cleaning performed by Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC’s certified roof cleaning technicians for a client who received the warning letter from their HOA for roof cleaning. Note how all of the black discoloration is gone and it looks like a brand new roof! When your HOA gives you the letter, don’t hesitate. Call the best of the best RCIA certified roof cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida at 904-304-0810

roof cleaning company jacksonville florida

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Dangers of Unapproved Roof Cleaning Methods

If you are a homeowner looking to have your roof cleaned, the first thing you might do is look at websites that allow people to review companies. This is a great first step, but not always a perfect indicator. Some reviews may not be from real reviewers, and some great companies may not solicit or have many reviews online. You may also look at sites that allow companies to post information, and have articles relating to the type of service you are seeking. One recent article we found full of inaccurate information sparked our interest in posting some better information.

In the case of roof cleaning, one would do well to look at organizations that pertain to the industry, like the Roof Cleaning Institute of America. Places like this are where professionals who actually clean roofs every day congregate to gather and share information. There are also other forums and venues dedicated specifically to roof cleaning. Other sources for good information include the roofing manufacturers themselves, and organizations relating to roofers and roofing manufacturers.

Often times clients will call us needing their roof cleaned, full of questions about the process and the type of results we offer. We carefully explain the benefits of hiring a certified roof cleaning company like Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC to handle their roof cleaning needs. We also carefully explain why our methods are the best. We use a zero pressure process with proprietary solutions that gently removes roof algae, and improves the look of your home without damage.  Our methods are exactly what the RCIA and the roofing manufacturers recommend.

roof cleaning damage

A pressure washer should never be used for roof cleaning. Call our Jacksonville roof cleaning experts today.

Unfortunately, there is a bit of misinformation on some of these “reputable” sites, provided by companies using unapproved alternative roof cleaning methods. There are also a lot of people cleaning roofs the wrong way. Some are using chemicals that are not designed for roof cleaning. These chemicals can be extremely dangerous when used improperly, and using them on a roof is improper!

Others are using methods which require pressure washing to make your roof look clean. The bad thing about this is that any pressure put onto asphalt shingle will void the warranty. Pressure washing is not for roofs. Some companies claim to “shampoo” your roof, then wash it off using “low pressure”. The problem is, they are using pressure washing wands or even surface cleaners. The latter of which is designed for cleaning concrete not roofs!

These companies claim that by using their “shampoo” and “low pressure” they can properly clean your roof. This is not true. Their process will remove granules from your roof, and it will not correct the problem. When your roof is “dirty” it’s covered by a living organism. That organism is not killed by the “shampoo” and is not fully removed by the pressure washing. The only thing these methods remove are the granules and your warranty. Using any kind of pressure to clean a roof can severely shorten it’s intended life span and cost you thousands to repair.

roof cleaning pressure washing

This tool is designed to blast dirt away from concrete using high pressure and should never be used for roof cleaning. Ever.

These companies rely on fear mongering and promises of “green” cleaning processes. They will tell clients that companies employing zero pressure methods will destroy their landscaping and other scary stuff to make a sale. The truth is, anything that will properly kill the algae that is destroying your roof, can be dangerous in the wrong hands.  This is why you should only hire professional, well trained, highly knowledgeable certified Jacksonville roof cleaning services. If these “roof shampoo” products won’t harm your plants, they won’t do anything to the algae that is infesting your roof, lowering your property value, and decimating your curb appeal.

The only right way to clean a roof is not to “shampoo” and “pressure wash”. Leave the shampoo to cleaning hair! Imagine if you shampooed your hair, then had to use a fire hose to actually get it clean. What is the point of the shampoo? The right method is to apply the right cleaners to kill and release the algae safely from your roof. At the Roof Cleaning Institute of America, there are contractors with 100’s of years of combined roof cleaning experience who all follow manufacturer recommended processes in one place. Guess what they all say? NEVER use pressure of ANY KIND on any roof system!

If you’d like to learn more about safely cleaning your roof, from one of Jacksonville’s only certified roof cleaning companies, then give Ultrasoft Pressure Washing a call today. We’ll explain exactly what is recommended, what isn’t and more. We’ll tell you which chemicals are the WRONG thing to use, and we will show you what safe, effective roof cleaning is all about. Despite all of the fear mongering, our processes are as “green” and “eco friendly” as you can get. Want to know more? All you have to do is pick up the phone and call 904-304-0810.

You can also feel free to visit our Roof Cleaning Jacksonville Florida blog and don’t forget to check us out on Facebook and Google + as well.

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Certified Roof Cleaning in Jacksonville, Florida

What should you look for when deciding who to hire for your Jacksonville Florida roof cleaning? Some things to consider are capability, industry knowledge, references, evidence of previous work, licensing, insurance, and even competence.

One thing you can rest assured when choosing a company like Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC to clean your roof, is that we carry great insurance that actually protects your property, unlike most general liability policies. We are capable of cleaning just about any type of roofing material whether it’s metal, asphalt shingle, barrel tile and more. We have a plethora of previous work as evidence of our commitment to quality, as well as the references that show how good we are at pleasing customers with our abilities.

roof cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

Hiring a certified roof cleaning company means peace of mind and assurance of great results.

Our knowledge of roof cleaning is unsurpassed by our local competition, and our competence is evidenced by the fact that we are not just members of the Roof Cleaning Institute of America, but we are RCIA certified roof cleaning contractors.  (See our blog at the RCIA HERE) When comparing reasons to hire a roof cleaner in our area, ask them “are you certified”? If the answer is “no”, the decision is clear.

Want to rest easy that you called the right people in for your roof cleaning? Then call Ultrasoft Pressure Washing today for all of your Jacksonville, Florida roof cleaning needs. Take the worry and guesswork out of the equation and hire the best certified roof cleaning company today. We are a friendly, family owned and operated, RCIA certified company with uniformed employees who provide the best professional results. Guaranteed. Call 904-304-0810 now for a free estimate.

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Why Pressure Wash Your Jacksonville, FL Home?

This is an easy one to answer, but I still get asked quite a bit. Why should I pressure wash my home? How long should I wait between cleanings? We will help answer some of these questions for you because, even though the answers may seem simple, they’re not always obvious.

That’s ok, because at Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC, this is what we do day in and day out. We see a lot of things daily that most homeowners may never see, or may see once in a lifetime. For instance, you may not notice a clinging vine climbing the side of your home for a year or two. Not everyone inspects the exterior of their home every day, but during our regular pressure cleaning rounds, we see clinging vines, mold, mildew, algae, lichens, moss, and just about every contaminant known to man.

If things like lichen, moss, and clinging vines are left alone, they can do some serious damage to your home or business. Some vines and other plants can rip stucco, brick mortar, and all kinds of other things apart. Some may grow under the laps of your vinyl siding, and where there is organic matter, you are sure to have mold, algae, and all the other bad stuff in short order.

Regular pressure washing of your home keeps mold, mildew, algae, vines, and other contaminants at bay. When you have a professional company like Ultrasoft Pressure Washing come power wash your home, we address many of these items for you. Another instance would be things like rust stains from irrigation.

pressure washing calcium buildup

Calcium buildup on brick requires harsh chemicals, and sometimes even soda blasting or other methods to properly remove. Regular maintenance makes this much easier and less costly.

Before your home is dark orange with rust stains, we can safely remove the rust and keep it looking good. This could save you painting or replacing things long before they would need it with regular cleaning. While pressure washing homes in Jacksonville, we frequently see white calcium stains and buildup from irrigation as well. If not regularly cleaned, or removed before they become heavy buildup, it can become costly to remove, and harsher methods are needed the worse it gets.

Another big issue with pressure washing in Jacksonville, Florida is the removal of dirt dauber nests. The wasps that build these nest do so by mixing mud with their saliva, and packing it onto walls. This is where they get their other common name, “mud daubers”. Keeping mud daubers at bay with regular pressure cleaning helps a ton.

Daubers usually build their nests up high in the corners under eaves along the walls. When they build their nests, their acidic saliva often eats into your homes paint, and can leave permanent stains. Sometimes cleaning reveals that the paint underneath is gone completely! With regular pressure washing, you can lessen the impact of these guys too.

Another are just regular wasps, hornets, etc. They build their nests in the same places, but will sting the daylights out of you if you get close. Regular power washing and removal of their nests is safer for your family and your pets. Nobody want a loved one (or our furry friends) to be stung by a wasp or hornet, so make your home a no fly zone, instead of their personal territory they will viciously defend!

Keeping mold and mildew off of your home means the paint, caulk, wood, stucco, and other materials will last longer, and look better. Over time these things will destroy the finish on your home, and make it look terrible. Destroying the finish also means it is less able to do it’s most important job, which is locking out moisture that can destroy everything in sight.

How often should you pressure wash your Jacksonville, Florida home? The answer depends on you, your home’s location, surrounding vegetation, and just how sparkly you like your image to be. For instance, if you’re under big oak trees with a lot of bushes and shade, you may want to clean every six months. The recommended interval is at least once a year, but some homes require more, and some homeowners prefer a cleaner image year round.

The same goes for things like your driveway and sidewalks. If they’re under trees which are dropping leaves, acorns, and other stuff on them all the time, you may want to have the concrete cleaned a couple times a year. For commercial locations with a lot of traffic, this can even mean monthly cleaning on flat surfaces. Things like pool enclosures and pool decks should get a good cleaning at least in early spring before you start using your pool. Some may still need another cleaning in late fall to keep them in tip top shape.

pressure washing hygiene

People didn’t always know that keeping things clean would keep disease and illness at bay. Regular cleaning means a safer environment for everyone.

The last thing you want to do is let things go, thinking it’s going to be ok for a few years. Every time we pressure wash a Jacksonville, Florida home that has sat for years without cleaning, we find the paint is starting to dull or fail in many places. We also find that build up of bug mess, spider webs, dirt daubers, and other things are exceptional.

This can actually cost you more to clean after waiting a while, than what regular maintenance would, so just try to be wise. Save yourself money, and keep your Jacksonville, Florida pressure washing up to date! Think of power washing your home as preventative maintenance that needs to be handled regularly.

Imagine skipping a shower yourself for a couple of weeks. You could end up with all kinds of bacteria and fungus growing on you, that could turn into major trouble down the road. Your home is the same way. Keeping mold and mildew off of your home, keeps the spores out of your home as well. The cleaner the outside, the cleaner the inside.

Did you know that the biggest factor in stopping many cureable diseases in their tracks was simple hygiene? Hand washing was never deemed really important until bacteria were discovered. This simple exercise has helped eradicate all kinds of disease and sickness.  Pressure washing your home means less allergies and illness caused by poor hygiene too. Not only make your home look great, but make it more healthy with regular power washing.

To get the best Ultrasoft Pressure Washing in Jacksonville, Florida with ultra low pressure, heavy sudsing action, and amazing results, call Ultrasoft now at (904) 304-0810

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Barrel Tile Roof Cleaning Results

Here’s a quick post to show the kind of results we get when cleaning barrel tile roofs. The same goes for just about any type of tile roof cleaning, because our safe, zero pressure cleaning methods gently restore your roof’s natural color.

The methods we employ for zero pressure roof cleaning will quickly return your roof to it’s natural color, instantly improving your curb appeal and the value of your home. Keeping your roof clean helps prolong the life of the roofing material, while keeping your home or business looking great to the public eye.

Cleaning barrel tile roofs in Jacksonville, Florida can be dangerous due to the heights, and how slippery these types of roofs are when wet. It also requires careful attention to detail to avoid damaging not just the roof, but the surrounding vegetation and other surfaces on the home itself.

With careful planning and execution, Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC can have your roof looking amazing quickly and efficiently, and without any damage. If you are a business with an ugly roof, or a homeowner looking to sell their property, you can benefit massively from our zero pressure roof cleaning services. A clean roof makes a huge impact where first impressions are concerned, and can mean more money for both retailers, realtors, homeowners selling their homes, and more.

Check out the results below, then visit our contact page (HERE) today to get a free roof cleaning estimate, or call us now at (904) 304-0810

barrel tile roof cleaning Jacksonville, Florida

Look at the amazing color difference on this barrel tile roof cleaning. This is just minutes after application of our roof cleaning solution.

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Happy Veterans Day

Happy Veterans Day to all of those who have served, or are currently serving in our armed forces. Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC thanks you for your support of our great nation.

In case you didn’t know, Ultrasoft Pressure Washing offers 10% off to all current active duty military and veterans, all year round.*

If you’re looking to get your home pressure washed, there’s nothing better than safe, ultra low pressure cleaning. Ultrasoft uses advanced power washing methods that allow us to use ultra low pressure to clean your Jacksonville, FL home without the damage often caused by high pressure.

We also offer expert zero pressure roof cleaning services to all of Jacksonville, FL and surrounding areas. Roof cleaning requires a gentle touch, thorough knowledge, and attention to detail. Ultrasoft offers all of this and more for our roof cleaning customer.

Fall is a great time to get your home pressure washed. In our Florida climate, we are able to provide great cleaning results year round, so give us a call today for our Veterans pressure washing discount. Or fill out our contact form and we’ll be in touch promptly.




*Valid on all jobs of $250 or more.

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Safe Washing is Ultrasoft Pressure Washing

In the days of old, pressure washing meant just that. Cleaning things with high pressure water to remove mold, mildew, dirt and grime. Water is the universal solvent. It dilutes and cleans everything under the sun, and is a major component in just about every cleaner you can think of. Water rinses the dirt away, makes things new again.

Even today, there are many things that are cleaned primarily using just water pressure alone. Concrete can often be cleaned using just a surface cleaner, and give great results. However, when the right cleaners are added to the mix, the results can be exceptionally improved.

It used to be that blasting away at things with high pressure was all that was done to remove the muck. However, as the pressure washing industry has evolved, things have changed. Today there are much better cleaners available, in a wide variety of forms. This wide variety of cleaners performs a wide variety of jobs. Everything from degreasers, to emulsifiers, surfactants, specialty detergents and more have improved the way we clean things.

ultrasoft pressure washing coquina jacksonville florida

Safe washing using Ultrasoft Pressure Washing methods provides great results with no damage to delicate surfaces. This coquina was cleaned using zero pressure and just look at how it came out!

No longer is high pressure washing needed to clean your home or business. This is great news too, because many people have found out the hard way that high pressure can damage just about anything. High pressure cleaning also forces water into places we don’t want it, and can cause great damage when this occurs. The old way of using strong power washing to clean structures just wasn’t working.

Thankfully, we now have powerful cleaners, many of which are very environmentally friendly, that we can use to gently pressure wash or “soft wash” just about anything. Using the right cleaners allows us to apply a solution at ultra low pressure, allow the cleaners to bind the dirt and grime, and wash them away gently.

Ultrasoft Pressure Washing is at the forefront of cleaning technology. We source our cleaners from all around the country, carefully choosing the right tool for the job. No longer is a jackhammer used where a gentle mist is all that’s needed. We can safely pressure wash your Jacksonville, Florida home or business in an environmentally friendly method with unsurpassed results.

If you are in need of pressure washing, take the pressure out and call Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC today. (904) 304-0810

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Roof Cleaning – Don’t Waste Your Money

Here is a great video about roof cleaning, and why you need to have it done. Our own page about no pressure roof cleaning services highlights homeowners having their insurance policies cancelled because of roof algae. Most people don’t notice black streaks on their roof until they get a letter from the insurance company or home owner’s association.

Many neighborhoods require roofs to be kept clean by residents, just like insurance companies. They know that algae spores spread through the neighborhood, making homes look bad, driving down property values, and damaging property. Don’t waste your money having your roof replaced, and don’t waste your money having it cleaned improperly.

This video does mention one thing that’s incorrect, and it’s possibly just because the homeowner who says it is a little confused about the process. The homeowner in the news report mentions that the cleaners “scrub” the roof. This is incorrect and should never be done under any circumstances. Scrubbing a roof is a sure fire way to remove the granules, which are paramount to a roof’s ability to protect your home.

The reporter has it right when he says hiring a professional is the safest way to clean your roof. The reporter has done a good service to the roof cleaning industry, because he mentions that blasting your roof with a pressure washer or garden hose you can cause serious damage. There are roof cleaning companies out there that use pressure washers to clean roofs, so be very careful who you hire.

There are also companies who use unapproved methods like using caustic soda (NaOh) or sodium hydroxide to clean roofs. This can seriously damage asphalt shingles, metal roofs, remove paint from gutters, drip edge, and damage plants. Overspray from caustic soda can cause breathing problems, and serious burns to anyone it may come in contact with. See our roof cleaning page for a link to the Asphalt Roofing Manufacturer’s Association’s recommendation for cleaning roofs. Caustic soda is not the recommended practice for properly cleaning your roof.

If you have roof cleaning questions, click the link to the right to fill out our contact form, or simply give us a call and we’ll help you get your roof cleaned the right way.



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Choosing a Pressure Washing Contractor

Not All Pressure Washing Companies Are The Same

This same cliche expression has been said regarding just about every industry under the sun, but it needs saying again. Especially in the case of pressure washing contractors, because they’re “not all the same”. Some specialize in commercial work, some in residential, some do both. Many run of the mill companies are started by people with little experience, training, or industry knowledge. Some companies are merely the average “handyman” with a homeowner grade machine from the local home store.

Unfortunately, anyone can buy a pressure washer and start up a business calling themselves a (ahem) “pressure washing company“. Most of these start ups fail within the first year or two due to pricing that is unrealistic, and/or the inability to provide the kind of service customers really need. Many are using the wrong kinds of cleaners and methods that cause damage, often unseen, to the properties they are cleaning. The only benefit to the customer is that they get a cheap price, and they have a shot in the dark at getting what they wanted clean.

What Constitutes A Professional Company

pressure washing company

A professional company you can count on for guaranteed premium results and unmatched service.

As stated above, just about anyone can buy a machine, form a business or DBA (doing business as) and become a “pressure washing company”. That doesn’t mean that everyone should! In Florida, pressure washing companies are a dime a dozen. There are literally hundreds to choose from, with more popping up every day. In my own neighborhood, two neighbors have put shoddy homeowner grade equipment on a trailer, and tried to start a business in just the last year.

Many people think that experience isn’t needed just to blast stuff with water, and if you’re not careful, that’s exactly what you’ll get. When it comes to pressure washing companies in the Jacksonville, Florida area, there are no licensing requirements. All one needs is a legal business registered with the state, proof of paid local business tax, and insurance. Unfortunately, many of the $99 house wash $75 driveway start up guys don’t even have this. To top it off, most of them don’t have any real experience cleaning, but hey, they’re cheap and they can spray water!

A professional pressure washing contractor is going to have all of these things. In the case of Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC, we are a properly documented Limited Liability Company, we pay our local business tax, and we have great insurance. Not only do we have a $1 MILLION (per occurrence) general liability insurance policy, we also have exactly the right kind of coverage needed.

Our policy has blanket coverage for our customers, as well as having a very important “care and custody” clause. This clause ensures that not only is our company properly covered, but the actual property that we’re working on is covered as well. Most general liability policies don’t have this coverage, so be careful who you deal with. If something goes wrong, often the thing that the contractor is actually working on (your home or commercial building) is not covered by the policy! This means that if something does happen to your property, you could be left out in the cold. The last thing you want is to struggle to squeeze blood from a turnip, trying to repair your damaged home chasing a fly by night “contractor” for the money.

Professional Industry Knowledge

power washing professional equipment

Having the right equipment ensures a good professional cleaning, with consistent results customers can rely on.

On top of having all of the right things to legally operate a business, you want to make sure whoever you hire has the equipment and expertise to quickly and efficiently clean your property. You should expect that they can get the right kind of results, and a knowledgeable pressure washing contractor should be able to explain their processes as well as what to expect for an end result.

Not every kind of stain can be removed, and not every kind of surface can be cleaned. Many tough stains can be removed with the proper detergents and specialty cleaners. For instance, Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC offers premium rust removal services using a high quality, specially designed, contractor grade product. Many rust stains can be removed using cheaper products, but they are often dangerous to use, and can cause unwanted damage when used improperly.

One of the things that sets our company apart from others is the fact that we are networked with hundreds of other industry leading professionals, suppliers, manufacturers, and companies. We are uniquely positioned to take advantage of the latest cleaners, detergents, processes, and knowledge as our industry evolves.

Safe, Effective Processes

Hiring a professional power washing contractor means you should be able to expect safe, effective cleaning, with guaranteed results. Anyone calling themselves a professional should be using low pressure washing methods almost exclusively. Only a few types of cleaning require high pressure anymore. Knowing when to judiciously use pressure to clean surfaces, as well as what surfaces can tolerate it, and which ones can’t comes with time and experience.

Long gone are the days of high pressure blasting away at dirt and grime. With our advanced methods, cutting edge cleaners, knowledge of surfaces and their proper maintenance, we are able to offer low pressure cleaning on almost anything. In some cases pressure is necessary to achieve the best results, but on exterior surfaces of most homes, high pressure is the last thing you want.

High pressure cleaning forces water into places it should never be like attic insulation, under siding, etc. It can blow out window seals, tear screens, damage paint, blow chunks of stucco right off of your walls, and more. With a company like Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC, our processes are refined from years of experience, training, and education.

jacksonville pressure washing

Cleaning two story houses from the ground, using low pressure and advanced cleaners.

A professional contractor will use contractor grade detergents and cleaners designed specifically for the task. They won’t be using dish soap and cleaners from the dollar store that are meant for your kitchen or bathroom. A big part of professional cleaning is using the right product for the job. The right cleaners will allow the use of lower pressure, and do a better job of leaving your home looking nice. The wrong cleaners can dull paint, etch glass, and cause other issues you don’t want.

We’ve already been there with the high pressure blasting. We know the wrong way to do things, because we did them years ago when that’s just the way things were done. We don’t need to practice on your home or business, and leave you hoping you’ll get it done right without damaging things in the process.

Honesty, Integrity, Guaranteed Pricing

How many other companies can say they know the right way, because they’ve had experience doing things wrong? There are many so-called contractors who are simply going about things the wrong way still today. Most of them are simply just uneducated and uninformed, even if they are experienced.

Recently someone unrelated to the industry boasted to me about “paying attention to every detail” so that they “never get anything wrong”, and how I would do the same if I wanted to be the best contractor. I thought long and hard about that statement, then I realized something.

This isn’t a perfect world, and nobody is perfect regardless how hard they try. As a contractor, I strive to pay close attention to even the most minor things. Often times I find myself spending extra time cleaning small details that most people probably wouldn’t notice, just so I never have a customer come behind me and say, “why did they miss ______”, whatever it may be.

When I sat and thought about it, I realized it is not the “perfect” person who thinks they can do no wrong that anyone should hire. Personally, I wouldn’t hire that type of person either. Their ego may cloud their judgement on what they’re really producing. Instead, what one should look for in a contractor is someone who knows that mistakes and errors can happen, and has the integrity to be there to correct it when it does.

As a consummate professional, I don’t need someone to hold my feet to the fire to get things right.  I treat every customer’s home or business as if it were my own, and I have a vested personal stake in the outcome of every job. I charge fair prices that are enough to ensure I have the time to provide my customers the best service they can get. This guarantees that we don’t cut corners and rush through jobs.

Think about it for yourself. Do you want the person who imagines everything will be perfect (in their mind) or the contractor who you can count on to do whatever it takes to make things right? Most reasonable people will always choose the latter, and choosing that doesn’t mean getting the lowest price.

Knowing Which Contractor is The Right One

  • Properly trained, uniformed staff.
  • Professional grade equipment and cleaners, as well as the knowledge to use them properly.
  • Understand your needs, and be quick to respond to your requests.
  • Proper licensing and insurance that actually protects your assets.
  • The ability to deliver on their promises, as well as knowing the limits of cleaning technology.
  • Readily available customer references.
  • Honesty, integrity and the resources to guarantee and stand behind their work.

When dealing with a pressure cleaning service business like Ultrasoft Pressure Washing LLC, you can rest assured you will get all of this and more. So don’t wait, head over to our contact form and get a free estimate for your job today!

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